PS5: Caviar announces a unique edition in gold, its price is estimated at 1.5 million euros

Entirely covered in 18 karat gold, this limited edition designed by Caviar is estimated at 1.5 million euros. The DualSense controller also received a luxury makeover. With no less than 30 kg of ore used to design it, only a PS5 will go on sale.

Sony Playstation 5 in Gold

Caviar, the Russian company specializing in luxury customization, like this 24-karat gold-plated edition of the Galaxy S20 which costs more than 3,500 €, comes back to the charge by announcing three new revisited products. Among them, we find in particular the PS5 for which the manufacturer has set aside any sense of half-measure. 8 18 karat gold plates completely cover it and give it a more voluminous design than usual.

We had to sink 30 kilos of gold to design the console coating (20 of which can be found directly above), which is also found on the DualSense controller. The latter has been the subject of a very special treatment, with the addition of a golden plate on the touchpad and a crocodile leather texture. “The jewelers of Caviar could not miss this luxurious and very difficult project that is its golden edition”, the company said.

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Caviar’s gold PS5 costs 1.5 million euros

If you want the result, you will still have to dig into your bank account. At € 50,000 per kilo of gold, the price of this edition theoretically amounts to 1.5 million euros. Much more, therefore, than the bling bling version in 24 karat gold at € 8,600 produced by TrulyExquisite. However, Caviar has not yet communicated an official price, so it may change.

One thing is certain, one console will be available in the market. At this price, not sure that buyers would have pounced on it, even in the midst of a shortage. Other redesigned devices were also announced by Caviar. A pair of Air Jordan, a range of Galaxy S21 and finally Airpods Max will also be on sale in 2021. No price has yet been revealed, but we imagine that these will target a wealthy clientele .