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PS5: beware of this Cdiscount email, it’s a scam!

The scams around the PS5 continue. Crooks have set up a fake contest to win a PS5. To ensure as many victims as possible, they took over the interface and logo of Cdiscount, one of the main retailers of the PS5 in France.

cdiscount ps5 scam
Credit: Phonandroid

The launch of the PS5 is not easy, for the players, for Sony, for the dealers, as for the thugs. While robbers are quick to tackle trucks on the highway at full speed, or vans parked in warehouses full of employees, others prefer to rip off their neighbors behind their screens.

We no longer count the scams around the PS5 in connection with eBay for example. Again this Tuesday, December 8, 2020, an American customer received a concrete block instead of his PS5… Unfortunately, this is only one dirty story among many others, between the speculators who buy hundreds of consoles in a few minutes, and the scammers who sell simple photos of the PS5 at a high price.

A fake Cdiscount contest to win “the new Playstation 5”

This time it’s the turn of Cdiscount of bearing the brunt of this wave of scams around the latest console from Sony. Indeed, this Tuesday afternoon we received an email from Cdiscount. Obviously, we are extremely lucky since we were chosen from among 10 other winners to potentially win a PS5.

It should be noted that the scammers have tried to get it right, taking the logo of the e-commerce site, as well as the interface, style and color code. To try to win the precious sesame, you are invited to answer a survey. By clicking on the link, you are redirected to a fake site, which here again uses the design of Cdiscount.

cdiscount scam
Credit: Phonandroid

Once the survey is completed, you will be redirected once again to “the website of our certified distributors ”. You will need to enter your first name, last name, address, postal code, city, telephone number and email address in order to pay 3 € fees for “get a brand new Playstation 5 ”.

Yes, like many phishing attempts, it’s the festival of spelling mistakes. As you will have understood, this is all just a scam to try to recover all your personal data and then resell them or use them to access some of your accounts. After the discovery of this scam, we contacted a spokesperson for Cdiscount, who indeed confirmed that it was a scam. In other words, if you come across this email, we invite you to send it to the trash within the second.

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cdiscount scam
Credit: Phonandroid