PS5: Amazon UK promises to reimburse scammed customers

Some Amazon UK customers have been scammed into attempting to purchase a PS5 by receiving wacky items instead. Probably the victim of internal traffic, the platform sent an email to its unlucky users promising them a refund shortly. However, a few of them had to face the refusal of the e-commerce giant to provide them with a new console.

PS5 on Amazon

Not everyone has had the chance to get their hands on the much-desired PS5. In addition to the shortage issues faced by Sony, which sold 10 times more PS5s than PS4s in the first week in Europe, some Amazon UK customers have clearly expressed concern. the bad surprise to receive a wacky object instead of their order. Employees of the platform have thus set up a internal traffic by replacing the PS5 with other products. This is not the first that the latter has been scammed in this genre: eBay is particularly hunting scammers who resell pictures of the console.

Fortunately for these unlucky customers, Amazon didn’t wait to respond and emailed them to let them know that they will be quickly reimbursed. The platform is thus closer to Micromania’s strategy which proposes to reimburse down payments in the face of a shortage. And this is no coincidence: because of stockouts, retailers cannot for the moment say that their customers will receive their PS5. very shortly. Instead, Amazon is therefore indicating that paid consoles will be reserved and will result in a new debit on customers’ bank cards once stocks have been supplied.

Amazon UK assures all customers will have a PS5

Amazon also specifies that this refund is only valid for a replacement of the ordered PS5. It cannot be transferred to another customer and cannot be used to purchase for other consoles ”. However, some users who got scammed had to stomp their feet in order to take advantage of the offer. Indeed, they are a few to report similar testimonies to this FNAC customer who filed a complaint after the failed withdrawal of his console. Amazon representatives would thus have refused the reservation of a new unit, for some reason.

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Faced with growing anger, Amazon UK had no choice but to react: “ All we want is to make our customers happy, and some of them haven’t. We are terribly sorry, but we are working to contact each of the customers affected by the situation and have assured them that they will receive the item of their order. Anyone who has encountered a similar issue is welcome to contact our customer service for assistance. “. Hopefully as many people as possible will be happy, as Sony has announced that stock will be available before Christmas.