PS5: A test shows the power of the console, but forgets to compare it to the Xbox Series X

A technical test of the PS5 was posted on Twitter by a game developer. It demonstrates the power of the Sony console to perform complex calculations. Bordering on or surpassing a GeForce RTX 2080, the console is also compared to the Xbox One X. But, while the numbers do matter, wouldn’t it have made more sense to draw a comparison with the Xbox Series X?

Sony playstation 5

For months we have not stopped compare Xbox Series X with PlayStation 5. Following the publication of the tests of the two consoles (which you can find here for the PS5 and there for the Xbox Series X), we ourselves published a video on our YouTube channel where we try to find flaws and qualities in the two consoles in order to differentiate them. Because, in the end, you’re going to buy one or the other. But not necessarily both.

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During our comparisons between the two consoles, we tried not to focus only on the technical aspects. There is also the ergonomics, the controller, the interface, the connections or the list of exclusive games. Because, even if the vast majority of games are common to both consoles, there are also a number that will never look elsewhere. We think about Spider-Man Miles Morales at Sony or Halo Infinity at Microsoft.

The PS5 achieves excellent results on a benchmark

But it is clear that, on social networks, it is above all the power comparisons that are put forward. New proof of this was released last weekend by a developer called Eric Lengyel. Former employee of Sierra (it reminds us of memories), Naughty Dog and Apple, he tested several platforms with a technical test called Slug.

This test consists of reproducing images using complex algorithms based on BĂ©zier curves. These are curves that are used in particular in the realization of vector drawings, animation and the design of typefaces. And indeed, Slug is a test for making very complex elements of fonts (with very elegant results). At this test, the PlayStation 5 is doing admirably, since it comes first or second, depending on the difficulty, out of a dozen tested platforms.

ps5 benchmark slug

Among these platforms, we find a GeForce RTX 2080 (no, this is not the latest, but the one above), the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One X and a few graphics cards from previous years (at AMD and at Nvidia). But where is the Xbox Series X ? She is not there. And that is the whole problem with this little comparison. We were already aware that the PS5 outperforms previous generation consoles. No need for a technical test for this! However, we hope that the author of this test will be able to achieve the same thing with the new Microsoft console in order to measure whether the PS5 is more efficient here or not.