PS5: a sale between individuals goes wrong, the buyer is shot

In Pas de Calais, a woman had made an appointment with a Facebook Marketplace seller. She was supposed to buy him a PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the man ambushed her. He tried to extract money from her before shooting her. A story of scam as we see a lot.

Sony PS5 vertical front view

Sometimes you have to be wary of online classifieds. It is a story which is told to us by La Voix du Nord and which took place last weekend in the town of Noyelles-Godault, near Lens (Pas de Calais). A woman had spotted a PlayStation 5 for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Going there, she didn’t expect to be ambushed.

The story takes place on Saturday evening, December 12, when the night has already begun. The buyer waits in her car for the seller with his PS5 to arrive, the local newspaper said. However, it is a hooded and armed man who knocks on his window. He claims the amount due from him, with nothing in return. The woman then gets scared and starts her car. The crook, him, shoot three times in the air then disappear.

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The man did not disassemble and, after withdrawing his ad a few days, retries the same shot, still with a PS5. However, the second buyer is warned by the residents and does not fall into the trap. The first victim she hastened to file a complaint. The perpetrator is currently wanted by the police and has still not been found.

The PlayStation 5, the perfect reason for scams

The PlayStation 5 was released a month ago now and its stockouts are ideal opportunities for scams. It is not only during physical sales that the crooks act, since many smart kids are also rampant online.

This is the case with speculators who manage to buy several console models and then sell them for a fortune on eBay. Likewise, some do not hesitate to simply sell pictures of the console at 500 euros, specifying the thing quickly in the description.

Dubious practices which are in the crosshairs of some British MPs. A bill has indeed been tabled in parliament, but was ultimately rejected. However, we can see that these practices are starting to attract the attention of officials.

Source: The Voice of the North