PS5: a reseller boasts of having bought 2000 consoles thanks to a bot

The British brand Game has put on sale several thousand PlayStation 5. A reseller has managed to validate more than 2000 times his basket with a console. And this thanks to the use of a bot. Worse, he brags about his feat on social media. Faced with the discontent of the customers, the sign announces opening an investigation so that its general conditions of sale are respected.

playstation 5 2000 bot sales

Did you manage to buy a PlayStation 5 ? Chances are, the answer is no. All over the world, console stocks are very low. And as soon as some units appear, they are gone within minutes. We mentioned the sale organized by Cdiscount this week. It only lasted 20 minutes. This shows how quickly the PS5s are sold. This is just one example among many. Whether in France or elsewhere.

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Several problems collide in this case. The first concerns the supply of consoles. Sony is unable to keep up with demand as some components are out of stock. We touched on this matter in an article that explains why stocks of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will continue to be very low this year. The second problem concerns the sale of consoles: it is not players who buy them, but unscrupulous resellers who seize them first.

The latter speculate on consoles, buy them using bots (computer programs that constantly scan sites and buy them instantly) and resell them 50%, 100% or even more in some cases. We have mentioned this phenomenon several times in our columns. Some of them explain that they do not regret their action: it is the law of the market. As long as demand is greater than supply, prices explode.

He buys over 2000 consoles and brags about it on Twitter!

Here is another example. A reseller who calls himself ” Carnage »On social networks boasted on Twitter of having managed to buy 2000 consoles when the British brand Game put consoles back in stock. And this while the distributor forbids one person to buy two. It is thanks to a bot that the purchase could be made. The computer program has validated its basket more than 2000 times with a console. And the dealer, just horrifying, who drives the point home: ” Thousands of pounds of profit made “. Because, the consoles will of course be resold with a sacred added value. The account is obviously private. But a British whistleblower denounces them. Find below the tweet about this case.

Faced with the discontent of legitimate customers, the brand Game reacted to British colleagues from VideoGamesChronicle affirming that this practice is prohibited and that verifications will be made a posteriori on each of the orders, which are in fact ” pre-orders “. Translation: Game still gives itself time to verify the legitimacy of each pre-order to turn it into a real order.

In this case, everyone is a victim of this type of crook. Sony, whose brand image is damaged. Retailers who suffer the discontent of consumers. The players who fail to buy their console. Or customers a little naive who, at best, buy their console much more expensive or, at worst, get ripped off or robbed.

Remember that the eBay platform, where many consoles purchased in this way are sold there, condemns this practice, while Sony now refuses to apply its manufacturer’s warranty for any console purchased on the black market.

It seems obvious to us that Sony (and Microsoft, to a lesser extent) should not have released its console in 2020. Between supply certain raw materials and components, the manufacturing consoles, routing consoles and distribution consoles in a complicated health context, each area presents at least one difficulty. And resellers know it. And take advantage of it.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle