PS5: a manufacturer of personalized cases considers itself untouchable despite threats from Sony

At the end of 2020, a British manufacturer put on sale personalized cases for the PS5. In response, Sony threatened to sue him, to the point of having him go out of business twice. But he has not said his last word: he returns a third time with skins inspired by the God of War saga, guaranteed to be “untouchable”.

Sony PS5 skin God of War
Credit: CMP Shells

Never two without three. When a store called “PlateStation 5” was born last November, offering for sale interchangeable covers to customize your PS5, Sony did not take long to respond. Although the white shell is easy to replace with any design, this is clearly not the intention of the manufacturer, who ordered the manufacturer to cease all activity on pain of calling in his lawyers. He then tried again, this time under the name “Custom Plates LTD”, before once again attracting the wrath of the Japanese firm.

But the manufacturer is stubborn: his new company, CMP Shells, already offers new skins for the console. There are three designs on its online store. Respectively titled “The CMP Shell”, “CMP Blackout” and “The Kratos Bundle”, these cases are in all respects similar to those sold before. Still, CMP Shells doesn’t seem to be concerned about the potential legal fallout: according to the company, there is no risk that Sony will resort to legal action.

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“The patent is pending validation and all sales finalized before the patent is validated are untouchables”, so can one on the manufacturer’s website. This is something we did not know before. We now know. In addition, we did not reproduce anyone’s registered design. Our shells improve on the concept established by the original plates, as they allow more ventilation. We can continue to sell them even after the patent has been validated. ”

However, CMP Shells takes over the design of God of War Ragnarök, the next installment in the saga which should be released on PS5 in 2021. In addition, the manufacturer is careful to explain how he obtained the rights of use. Gold, Sony owns Santa Monica, the studio behind the God of War series. The firm could therefore once again have something to say about the practices of CMP Shells.

The “CMP Shell” skin thus consists of a sticker in the colors of the game which is stuck on an entirely black plate. The “CMP Blackout” skin, meanwhile, adds a custom black design to the DualSense controller gear. Finally, the skin “The Kratos Bundle”, named after the protagonist of God of War, replaces the controller skin with a design inspired by the game. “CMP Shell” is sold for $ 49.99 (€ 41), while that his two companions are sold at $ 69.99 (€ 58).

Source: Video Games Chronicles