PS5: a madman shreds his console in a metal crusher

A user shows on Reddit the video – unbearable – of his brand new PS5 being eaten by a mechanical grinder. The group on which the video appeared is dedicated to “visual suffering”.

PS5 grinder

You probably know the eccentricity of Reddit especially when we walk on certain groups. One of them, r / MakeMeSuffer, is dedicated to what we nowadays call “annoyance” or “malaise”. With videos, extracts from comics, and other content aimed precisely at provoking this feeling.

And one would have expected it: someone dared to destroy their PS5 in a video that has since gone viral. One of the few consoles to have reached a customer’s hands can be seen to be thrown unceremoniously into a metal crusher. The rest is simply unsustainable. The components scream with all their might in metallic jerks.

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His PS5 goes through the shredder without being totally destroyed …

The metal parts are crumpled like paper. Yet a large part of the device survives, which seems to bother some editors even more. “It pains me that your machine does not work”, launches a editor. “The guy had to save money on the shredder to be able to buy the PS5 he destroyed”, imagine another.

But the final word is definitely this comment: “Either this guy’s shredder is good for the junkyard, or they built this PS5 with top quality stuff”. The PS5 has been chronically out of stock since its release. With sporadic restockings. For example, no later than this morning, Carrefour and the Super U brands were offering a few PS5s.

But as always, only the fastest were able to get their hands on a device. The success of the Sony console seems to be largely linked to the PlayStation catalog of games, as well as to the next-gen PS5 platform which effectively delivers a unique visual experience.