samsung q950ts incompatible ps5 4k hdr 120 fps

PS5: a bug on Samsung TVs prevents the activation of 4K HDR at 120 fps

Newer Samsung televisions suffer from a bug that did not enable the best possible picture quality with some devices, including the PlayStation 5. This bug affects even high-end Q-series models. 4K HDR at 120 frames per second does not work with the Sony console, although it is activated perfectly with its competitor, the Xbox Series X. The bug would once again concern the HDM 2.1 connection.

incompatible samsung q950ts ps5 4k hdr 120 fps
Samsung Q950TS

Last November, we reported astonishing information in our columns. PS5 fails to display 4K HDR images at 120 frames per second on some compatible equipment HDMI 2.1. LG sound bars, Samsung televisions, Sony projectors and other Sony and Denon receivers are victims of this bug. One of the possible causes of this bug would be the use of a chip developed by Panasonic.

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Less than two months later, we learn that the problem is much larger than it initially appeared. The Forbes magazine site reveals that a considerable list of television models produced by Samsung are incompatible with the mode 4K HDR at 120 frames per second of the PlayStation 5. And the problem is that it concerns more high-end models, because they are HDMI 2.1 compatible and are, in theory, able to support this image quality.

Half a dozen models affected … for now

Here is the list of models listed. In this list, you will find QLED 4K models, but also 8K. Obviously, this list is provisional. This means that other televisions could also be affected:

  • Samsung Q70T
  • Samsung Q80T
  • Samsung Q85T
  • Samsung Q90T
  • Samsung q95t
  • Samsung Q900R
  • Samsung Q950TS

If you are in one of the few that owns one of these televisions and a PlayStation 5, then you have to choose between fluidity or contrast. Or between 120 images per second and HDR. If you haven’t installed the latest firmware update, that’s not important here: the bug is still present with this one.

It is also confirmed that the issue is not with the Xbox Series X here either. The display in 4K HDR at 120 frames per second activates perfectly. Remember also that certain tests show that the HDMI 2.1 port of the PlayStation 5 is less efficient than that of the Xbox Series X. This might explain this incompatibility.

Source: Forbes