PS4: Sony confirms the stop of production in Japan, place for the PS5

Update of January 6, 2021

Sony has officially confirmed the cessation of production of all PS4 and PS4 Pro models in Japan, report our Japanese colleagues from GameWatch. Only one model will continue to be marketed in the archipelago, the PS4 slim 500 GB black “Jet Black”. Other variations of the living room console will be sold while supplies last. Unsurprisingly, this move allows Sony to free up production lines for the PS5.

Sony is preparing to wipe out the PS4 by stopping production of 4 models in Japan. A retailer has indeed informed its customers that the consoles in question will no longer be offered for sale, due to the fact that it would no longer be supplied by the manufacturer. The transition to the PS5 thus enters a new phase.

PS4 controller

It is the end of an era. After 7 years of loyal service, the PS4 officially arrives at the end of life. Sony would indeed have decided to do not continue production from the console, according to a message from a Japanese retailer posted on its shelves: “Dear customers, due to the discontinuation of production decided by the manufacturer, the following products will no longer be in stock.”

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The affected models are PS4 500 Go Glacier White, PS4 1TB Jet Black, PS4 1TB Glacier White, PS4 2TB Jet Black and the PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White. The finding is the same on the American online store of Sony, where the page dedicated to the console indicates: “There is currently no prospect of stock available for this product in the future”. After being asked about the subject, Sony withdrew the question message.

The PS4 is ready to give way to the PS5

The firm does not seem decided to officially communicate on the death of his beloved console. And for good reason: she wanted to reassure its users before the launch of the PS5 by stating that the PS4 will last for years to come. While there is a possibility that games will continue to release on the platform, it looks like Sony is about to focus exclusively on its little sister.

A decision that seems logical when we take a look at the sales scores of the latter. The PS5 has indeed had the best launch in the history of consoles in the United States, and the sauce is not ready to fall again at the sight of the exceptional shortage currently in progress. Also note that the PS4 Pro is the same price as the PS5 Digital Edition, namely 400 €. What convince the last diehards who would hesitate between the two models.

Source: Video Games Chronicles