PS Vita free 30% of RAM with the latest update

PS Vita free 30% of RAM with the latest update

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As part of the Unite Tokyo 2015 event, we learned that the last update of PS Vita has helped to gain memory for games. As a result, developers will be able to get more out of the Sony portable console.

Sony's latest portable console PS Vita does not meet the same success as the salon machines of the Japanese manufacturer. In addition, the console has recently offloaded online services, namely YouTube and Google Maps.

PS Vita - RAM "height =" 151 "width =" 201However, good news was highlighted at the Unite Tokyo 2015, a conference dedicated to developers and engineers of Unity technology. During the presentation, it was clarified that the latest PS Vita firmware update (3.50 of March 26, 2015) enabled the console to free up no less than 30% of RAM.

This gain will be profitable for video games, allowing developers to use more details in their productions and to be less handicapped by technical limitations.

It is clear that the disappearance of the aforementioned applications has enabled this release, as well as the removal of the Near functions. Also remember that the next version of the graphics engine Unity 5 will be compatible with PS Vita, in addition to PS4 and PS3.