PS Store: a bug makes the price of some games jump to 11,000 euros

Some PlayStation Store users have noticed something strange about some games. Indeed, titles like Greedfall or Dead Cells have been displayed at 10,000 pounds sterling, or 11,000 euros. This is obviously a bug.

PS Store

Video games are expensive, but not that much. Some UK users have found titles to be sold for £ 10,000, the equivalent of 11,000 euros, on the online store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A display bug that apparently affects only a small portion of players.

As can be seen on Twitter, the game Greedfall was displayed at this price on the UK store. Note that it only seems to appear on the page dedicated to PS Plus offers. The game is therefore free with the subscription, the price being indicative only.

11,000 euros per game

This is not the first time that this display bug has appeared, since some users have noticed that Dead Cells or Friday the 13th had also been displayed at this price a few weeks ago. None of them risked buying a game at this price, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was just a bug and ultimately only charged at its normal price. . However, we recommend that you do not try the experiment. We never know.

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This bug of the price increase is very minor, few players have reported the thing on social networks. Anyway, Sony has not yet communicated on the subject. This bug can be expected to come back sometimes. If you are a victim, do not hesitate to mention it in the comments.

As a reminder, Greedfall is offered this month with the PS Plus subscription, alongside Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Man Eater. This is a French RPG which takes place in a fantasy universe inspired by the era of the Great Discoveries. The player embodies an adventurer who must explore a new continent filled with magic and monsters of all kinds. A very correct game, but which between us is not worth its 11,000 euros.