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Proximus in active negotiation with Apple!

As advertised this Tuesday, Proximus don't plan to stay away the announcement of the agreement Between Mobistar (Orange Group) and Apple.

We have just received, exclusively for Belgium iPhone, a new internal note from the department Marketing of Proximus and intended for resellers agrs Proximus.

Proximus indicates so insistent that it is in active negotiation with Apple (through Belgacom) in order to launch the future iPhone 3G. The operator also reports that any iPhone sold in a Belgian sales channel works (and will work) on the Proximus network remembering to remember the law prohibiting joint sales, blocking a phone on an operator.

Proximus advise resellers agrs to inform “iPhone” customers about Mobile Internet plans available from 12.39 for 50MB and up 41.31 for 5GB (price excl. VAT).

Regarding a possible risk what could incur Belgacom face the transaction concluded Between Mobistar (Orange Group) and Apple, “The answer is no”: confirms Proximus, supporting arguments:

– The group Belgacom is delighted to learn that the iPhone will be available on the Belgian market in 2008

– Recent agreements concluded in Europe suggest that the iPhone will be available in an open model, without exclusivity in favor of an operator. (False, Orange confirmed it this day)

– As Vodafone Gold partner and leader in the Belgian market with 84% outdoor 3G coverage and strong growth in mobile data, the group Belgacom is keen to integrate the iPhone 3G in his portfolio and is confident about his chances of offering this telephone to his residential and professional customers.

– In Belgium, most iPhone users are already on the Proximus network, or nearly 13,000 devices!

You would have understood it, Proximus, strong of his experience and of his abilities, do not intend to face the arrival of the iPhone at Mobistar.

We discuss it on the forum.

Download here the internal note in pdf format.

@ Alex