Proview sues Apple in the USA for fraud

Proview sues Apple in the USA for fraud

The Proview case continues to grow with the commencement of Apple’s US lawsuits by Proview. The Chinese company says that the American glove deliberately defrauded when it bought the name "iPad", buying the name through a subsidiary, while ensuring that it would not be used in the field of technology.

As previously announced, Proview has taken Apple to court in the United States. The lawsuit was filed with the California Superior Court on February 17. The company accuses Apple of having defrauded itself when it bought the name "iPad" using a subsidiary, IP Application Development Ltd to buy the name on December 23, 2009 for 35,000 pounds. The trouble is, the subsidiary in question would not have given its full identity and would have assured that the name would be used in a field different from that of technologies. She would have explained Proview that the name iPad is the contraction of the first letters of his name and would have emphasized that the company would not come to compete with Proview on its own ground. Completely false claims insofar as the goal was to buy the rights for Apple. The Wall-Street Journal itself is said to have verified the information by exchanging emails between the two companies.

It's hard to say for now how far this case will go, but the task looks more complicated than expected for the American glove, which seems well embarked on a long legal battle.

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(Source: 9to5mac)