Prototype iPhone 4G: Gizmodo journalist searched

Jason Chen, journalist and editor for the Gizmodo site [the site that revealed the prototype for the iPhone 4G, editor's note] was unpleasantly surprised to be searched, in his absence, at his home. California police took Chen's personal computer and two servers, all of which may contain items related to the prototype iPhone 4G leaked by our colleagues at the beginning of the past week.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the police would lead the matter considering that it was indeed an industrial prototype theft. The Cupertino firm would have filed a complaint despite the fact that an amicable arrangement had been made at first to recover the prototype quickly or the latter did not hesitate to take the lead as soon as the prototype of the iPhone 4G was opened and examined from every angle despite the formal request, already taken into consideration, to be able to retrieve the precious telephone.

The Gawker company that produces the Gizmodo site reacted directly to this search, which it considered to be illegal.

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