[Promo] The Samsung Galaxy A6 at 129 €

Image 1 : [Promo] Le Samsung Galaxy A6 à 129 €

Thanks to a good price from Cdiscount (179 €) and a refund offer of 50 € from Samsung, valid until June 30, the Galaxy A6 is accessible for only 129 €. This is the silver blue model.

Little brother of the Galaxy A6 +, the A6 model operates a superb 5.6-inch OLED screen supporting a definition of 1480 x 720 pixels (which is sufficient for many tasks). The latter provides excellent display quality, with perfect contrasts (which results in very deep blacks).

Performance under Android 8 (Oreo) is ensured by a processor with 8 clocked cores (1.8 GHz), supported by 3 GB of memory. The storage space, meanwhile, is 32 GB (a memory card reader can expand this capacity).

Image 1: [Promo] The Samsung Galaxy A6 at 129 €

The smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint reader and a micro USB type C port. For photos, two 16 megapixel sensors are present. They take beautiful photos in broad daylight, without being at the top level in the dark. Videos are captured in Full HD. All this is powered by a 3000 mAh battery which provides excellent autonomy of about two days.

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