Project Latte: Microsoft wants to port Android applications to Windows 10

Microsoft could well strike a blow by giving the possibility to the developers of Android applications to port their creation on Windows 10, without additional work. A solution that could greatly enrich the Windows Store, but which will require a few conditions.

Windows 10

Bringing Android apps to Windows 10 isn’t really a new idea. A few years ago, that was the goal of Project Astoria, which was finally abandoned in 2016. But Microsoft does not seem to have given up on its idea and should return compatible with Android apps on your Windows 10 thanks to Project Latte, slightly different.

Microsoft plans to let Android application developers quickly port their applications to Windows 10, and this without additional work or code modification. For this, the Redmond firm should use the Linux kernel included in its OS, Android also running on this system.

Windows 10 could be enriched with thousands of applications

It is already possible to use Android apps on computer, since Chrome OS supports all apps on Google Play Store. For Microsoft, things should be slightly different. Indeed, no question of using the Play Store on Windows 10 to download its applications in the same way as on Android. Google does not allow the installation of its online store on any medium other than Android and Chrome OS.

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Nevertheless, with this Project Latte, developers could very easily port their application directly to the Windows Store, which is included in the OS. A good point for this online store which has always been starving in terms of content. Now remains to know if the developers will be interested, the latter must still have the will to carry their applications.

There is already a way to run Android apps on Windows using the Your Phone app, which is compatible with the latest high-end smartphones from Samsung. This allows you to launch any application on your smartphone in a small dedicated window, but remains very restrictive and limited. With Project Latte, it would therefore be theoretically possible launch your favorite application in full screen on your computer.