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Production of the iPhone 5 slows down by quality control

Production of the iPhone 5 slows down by quality control

Production of the iPhone 5 is currently experiencing slowdowns in higher quality controls. According to Bloomberg, the problem would come from the anodized aluminum used by Apple for its new smartphone, which would scratch too easily.


The damage seen on the iPhone 5 during their unpacking has not finished talking about them. While Phil Schiller, vice president and chief marketing officer at Apple, had described the situation as “normal”, the situation would now be taken very seriously at Apple so much so that the production of iPhone 5 would currently experience slowdowns from an increase in quality controls at Foxconn, reports this Wednesday Bloomberg. According to the financial news site, the problem has been identified and comes from anodized aluminum used by Apple for its new smartphone, which would get scratched too easily.

Information has already reported this beginning of the week further difficulties were encountered at the Foxconn Zhenghou base plant, in which workers reportedly went on strike last Friday after a dispute between the production and quality control teams. Management, for its part, had downplayed the importance of the situation, but already, quality control clearly appeared to be at the heart of the problem.

Still according to the same source, the use of anodized aluminum on the case of the iPhone 5 makes the terminal certainly thinner and lighter, but also more sensitive to scratches and scratches, even before it arrives in users' hands. A situation that could be explained by the lack of a glass surface as on the last two previous iPhone models. "A scratch, even a slight one, is more likely to reveal the true color of aluminum which persists under the dark anodized layer", Explain Bloomberg.

IPhone 5 with traces of DR scratches

As a reminder, many buyers of the iPhone 5 have complained to Apple about having noticed the presence of damage on the hull of their new acquisition, and this, as soon as it was unpacked. The damage observed is different levels of gravity and mainly concerns the outline of the device in anodized aluminum. Some people report having also noticed the presence of stroke (s). While others indicate having noticed the presence of trace (s) of scratches, even oxidation.

Obviously, Apple has reported this problem to Foxconn management. The latter must now redouble its vigilance to reduce the number of iPhone 5s leaving the factory already rounded up. This has the effect of slowing production of Apple’s new smartphone. Hence the shortage which was not quickly installed shortly after the start of marketing of the iPhone 5. A situation which, combined with the high demand for the product, would hurt Foxconn employees who would have trouble managing the situation.

Meanwhile, analysts have already lowered sales of iPhone 5 for the end of the year, estimating that 49 million should go down from 57 million previously.

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