Production: Beats headphones would cost $ 14

Production: Beats headphones would cost $ 14

CaseBuy-ae-iPhoThe Daily Mail has the gift for sensationalist articles and the English tabloid has come out a year old information, which falls perfectly in this category.

Beats helmets, sold at least 200 euros with the Solo2, would cost no more than 14 dollars to produce. As always, these figures do not take into account many vital expenses before production, such as marketing or research and development.

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For comparisons, explained last September that the manufacturing price for the iPhone 6 is estimated at $ 227 for the 4.7-inch version and $ 242 for the 5.5-inch version.

As a reminder, the company bought by Apple controls 27% of the helmet market worldwide, which is estimated at 1.8 billion per year in 2014. However, Beats headphones are often descended by specialists for their low technical performance, as in this Time Magazine article.