Problems with Android P and their fixes

Problems with Android P and their fixes

Google’s Android operating system is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. There is a reason for this! Almost all manufacturers manufacture telephones running on the operating system. Android phones are available in different price ranges, even the most expensive ones priced cheaper than the one sold by Apple. While all of this sounds incredible, there are a few bugs and issues. Here we are going to talk about the problems of Android P and how to solve them.

Google has no direct control over the devices, just as Microsoft cannot determine the hardware specifications of every computer running Windows 10. This leads to several bugs, lost calls, and battery issues, but you can try some simple solutions. We have listed some of the most common Android P problems and how to solve them without waiting for a software update or a visit to the service center.

Common Android P issues and their fixes

Problem 1: 4G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity problems

Ever since users updated their phone to the latest Android P operating system, they have been complaining about frequent connectivity issues. Some say that their Bluetooth no longer works, while others cannot browse the web or watch videos when using their 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Method 1: Make changes to the Network and Internet Settings page

  1. Open the Settings option on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down and find the Network and Internet option
  3. Tap to open the Wi-Fi settings page.
  4. Press to open the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently connected and select Forget.
  5. Search for wireless networks again and enter your password to connect to the same network to see if it helped you fix the problem.

Method 2: Repair your router

  1. A large number of problems arise from an incorrect router configuration or from the fact that too many devices are connected to the same device.
  2. Turn off your router, unplug it and turn it back on after a five-minute break
  3. You can also check if the problem persists on your work network, at a friend's place, to check if it is really your device or the router which is causing the problem.

Method 3: Change your Bluetooth settings

  1. Disconnect all paired devices from your Android device, including headphones, keyboard, and any other device.
  2. Reconnect only one of them. Start with your headphones and check if the problem persists
  3. It could also be caused by bad Bluetooth problems caused by a particular model.
  4. Go Settings
  5. Open connected devices and delete all associated devices one by one
  6. Repeat the process until you identify if it is one of the faulty devices or your phone.

Android P Bluetooth settings

Problem 2: The battery drains faster than the usual / incoherent battery life

A large number of users have complained on Pixel forums and on websites such as Reddit that, since their update for Android Pie, they have been facing battery issues. Their phone's battery drains very quickly, even though Google has actually incorporated adaptive battery technology. This feature was supposed to help users get more screen time, but it was counterproductive for many.

Android P battery life

Method 1: Modifying the parameters of your application

  1. This problem may be caused by a new update of the application or if you play a lot of demanding multiplayer games such as PUBG, your battery may run out.
  2. Check all the apps and games you recently updated
  3. Choose Google Play Store to not automatically download updates over Wi-Fi.
  4. Close large applications that you no longer use because they consume battery in the background
  5. Open Settings and Battery to find apps that use more power.

Method 2: Change your brightness settings

  1. The brightness levels of your screen play an important role in the life of your battery.
  2. Opening parameters
  3. Tap to open View and activate Adaptive Brightness, a feature available in Android P
  4. You can also manually reduce the brightness levels below 40% to save battery.

Problem 3: Android gesture control doesn't work as expected

People love the generally intuitive and easy-to-use gestures on Apple's iOS devices. However, the same did not happen for Google Android P and this forced the company to deactivate it immediately. You can activate it manually, but some users complain that they don't work as expected.

  1. The home pill is often blocked and freezes
  2. It stays on the screen when your phone is turned on and charged
  3. The response of the touch screen seems delusional

Android P Gesture Control

Method 1: Steps to Completely Disable Gesture Control

  1. Open the Settings page on your new Android smartphone.
  2. You can find it in the applications bar or open the notification bar in which the gear icon indicates Parameters
  3. Scroll to find the system page
  4. Continue scrolling until you find Gesture and press it
  5. Find Swipe up on the Home button and open it
  6. Disable gesture commands
  7. You can turn it back on after a few minutes to see if it solves the problem.

Disable Android gesture control p

Google has officially confirmed the existence of gesture control problems on Android 9.0, especially on Pixel XL and Pixel smartphones. As these devices are controlled by the company, they will first launch software updates for them and for other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG will launch its own software updates to solve the problem. You can then try gesture controls to see if they work properly.

Problem 4: apps often hang / crash

Many users who have updated their phones to Android 9.0 report that popular apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and others freeze frequently. Some popular applications do not work as usual, such as suddenly showing the camera problems, slowing them down or freezing them. Such problems are usually caused by incompatible applications that still need to be optimized for the new Android. It is among the common Android P problems and their solutions that should be easy.

Method 1: Reinstall the application on your new operating system.

  1. Delete the application and reinstall it so that it is downloaded up to date to your phone without any previous bug or file problem.
  2. All new updates will be automatically applied when you install it from the Play Store.

Method 2: update your application

  1. Download the latest updates manually from the Google Play Store and apply them.
  2. Read the development notes to see if they mentioned support for Android P.

Method 3: Submit a note to the developer on social media

  1. Use websites such as Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter to let the developer know that you want the app to work with Android 9.0.
  2. Ask them to deploy an update as soon as possible and wait a few days until they do.

Problem 5: fast charging does not work on pixel devices

There have been mainly charging issues on Pixel devices, but users also confirm that it has also been detected on other Samsung devices. These problems occur due to software bugs and even if your phone is already a year or two old, it is not expected to experience such problems early in its life cycle. Pixel users confirmed that fast charging was completely disabled on their phones and Google was working hard to release a software update.

Android P Quick charge

Method 1: Check your charging port and cable

  1. Before you start waiting for an update, check both the charging port and the cable.
  2. Buy a new cable and check if it works correctly if fast charging works now
  3. Make sure that the power settings of your phone are not disturbed by the idle time.
  4. If your friends are using Pixel or other devices running Android P, confirm if the problem concerns all or part of the device.
  5. If this is just your phone, be sure to file a claim on your manufacturer's support forum.

Problem 6: the camera does not work properly

Most new software updates the battery life and the performance of the camera. Google is aware of all of these issues, but it's hard to understand why they wouldn't fix it before releasing the new Android operating system for all devices. Some users report that the Camera application freezes, freezes, or often freezes until it is completely closed. You can also sometimes see camera error screens.

Method 1: Clear the cache in your camera app

  1. Open the Settings page on your smartphone
  2. Continue scrolling until you find the option named Applications and notifications
  3. Open it and look for the View All Apps option.
  4. Tap the three-dot menu which is usually found in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. Press to open Show System Apps
  6. Scroll to find the camera app, open it and tap storage
  7. Press Clear Storage and restart your device to check if your camera is working properly now.

Clear Cache Camera App Android P

Final Thoughts

Most of Android P issues and their fixes are directly recognized and managed by Google. The developers are working on the release of software updates for Pixel and Pixel XL phones, while other manufacturers can update them as soon as the company releases them. Sometimes the problem can be with your Android 9.0 update and your own phone. In this case, consider following the steps described here. You can also perform a factory reset to completely clear the memory and install a new version of the Android 9.0 operating system, which could eliminate many problems.