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Privacy: how to hide images on your smartphone?

Would you like to protect your photos and videos from prying eyes? Here’s how to keep them confidential.

hide photos videos smartphone

The photo galleries of our smartphones are not always full of perfect shots taken for Instagram. Sometimes some of them are not to our advantage, even ashamed. Images that we would therefore like to hide from our colleagues or our family.

Some manufacturers include features to hide albums (Huawei) or even to switch them to private mode (Samsung). For others who cannot count on it, there is a solution: go through an application like Vaulty.

Once downloaded and installed, the application will ask you when launching permissions to access your files (and be able to hide them). Online backup is optional, you can ignore this request. To complete its initial configuration, the app will prompt you to choose a PIN or password to run and block / unblock your hidden files.

Once the different start screens have passed, tap Hide Pictures and Videos in the center of the screen.

hide vaultry pictures

Then choose a folder containing images that you want to hide from the view of the curious. Once in the file, you have several solutions. If you prefer not to hide all of your photos, tap only on the images you want to hide. Otherwise, select all the images using the button at the top right of the screen.

private photo albums smartphone

Note: the software offers to create several destination folders to which to send your hidden photos. From the main menu, select the three dots at the top right of the screen then Settings. In the settings screen, select Vaults to create a new shared folder.

hidden photo folders

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