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Preorders: iPhone 8 reportedly less successful than iPhone 7

iphone 8 8 plus eau 1024x621 - Précommandes : l

iphone 8 8 plus eau 1024x621 - Précommandes : l

After being announced on September 12,iPhone 8 has been available for pre-order for a few days. Unfortunately for Apple, the phone would not generate as much enthusiasm as expected. A recent report by Jun Zhang from Rosenblatt reports that there were far fewer preorders than the iPhone 7 last year.

iphone 8 8 plus water 1024x621 - Preorders: iPhone 8 would be less successful than iPhone 7As an example, the analyst took the case of the Chinese reseller For the first weekend of launch of the iPhone 7, the latter recorded more than 3.5 million pre-orders against 1.5 million for the newcomer. As for the Chinese operator China Mobile, 1 million iPhone 8 pre-orders were made during the launch weekend, compared to 2.5 million for the 4.7-inch iPhone last year.

Several reasons may be behind this significant drop in pre-orders for the iPhone 8. First, users may not be satisfied with the design of the new iPhone, which largely follows the lines of that of its predecessors. The other reason is that most users would prefer to wait for the release of the iPhone X. This version has many more new features and subtleties, whether in terms of design or technical specifications.