prehistoric and open world survival game with Unreal Engine 4

While we were following the amateur project Jurassic Park Aftermath as well as the recent technical demo of Crytek with the graphic engine CryEngine, an independent studio has just announced a game highlighting dinosaurs with the Unreal Engine 4.

ARK Survival EvolvedBaptized ARK: Survival Evolved, the title of Studio Wildcard is presented as a open world survival game and focused on multiplayer in cooperation, but also in competition. You will start without equipment on the beach of an island on which dinosaurs live.

We will then have to find a way to survive in this world of all dangers, with the help of other survivors, create makeshift weapons to hunt, create shelter, do crafts and explore the surroundings. Ultimately, it will even be possible to use dinosaurs (more than 60 species planned) as mounts. Like an RPG, your character will gain in skill as you progress.

ARK: Survival Evolved is scheduled to land in early access on Steam starting the June 2, 2015. The final version will be available early 2016 on PC (Windows and GNU / Linux), Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. Support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is also planned.