Practical guide the use of seniors # 3 Android Hardware

Practical guide the use of seniors # 2 Daily applications

Welcome to the second chapter of our practical guide the use of seniors. After introducing tips and tricks that will make your Android device more comfortable, this week we've developed a list of useful apps that will make life easier for you and help you get the most out of your smartphone. Technophiles, also read and find here some tips to help your loved ones improve their Android experience. Because yes, a phone is a great tool that can help you find the nearest pharmacy as well as organize your TV parties.

Practical life

Need to find the nearest pharmacy? A bakery open on Sunday? No worries, Justacot gives you the list of all the shops located near you, noted by Internet users to make sure of their seriousness. A detailed sheet gives you precise information and allows you to locate them on a map, and even get an itinerary to get there by foot or by car.


My Pills is a simple application that helps you remember when to take your medication with an alarm. A calendar and a widget will make your life easier and make your treatment easier. Less complete, but in French, we also recommend My Mobile Pharmacy.

If you have diabetes or need to monitor your blood pressure, apps like myFitnessCompanion can help you. With Bluetooth sensors or by manual input, analyze your medical data simply and accurately, add personalized comments after each measurement and monitor your health closely.

Emergency room

It is essential to have an easy application that allows you to quickly alert a contact in case of emergency. For this, it exists In case of emergency. The app stores all the essential information about you, such as the name and number of your doctors, your allergies, pathologies, treatments, blood type You can edit a list of people to be notified in case of emergency. Plus: the app can be used from the lock screen, which allows for greater responsiveness.


To keep fit, nothing better than a daily walk. Endomondo is the ideal app to monitor your sports activities, whether running, walking or cycling. Among the features, you can record your distances traveled, see your route on a map, choose goals, monitor your heart rate But the best option is the opportunity to receive words of encouragement from friends or family in time rel.


If you want to be sure you never miss your favorite programs on TV, why not use an Android application, which will allow you to consult the grids, choose the missions that interest you and trigger an alarm to never miss your cathodic appointments! There are several applications, but our favorite is certainly Tl7 days.

If you like to cook, we strongly recommend iChef Chef's Workshop: practical and original, this application gives you access to recipes with more specific entries. Find the perfect recipe for dishes, original themes or chef techniques (caramelize a cream, dehull a lobster). At table !


If you happen to receive or download multimedia files (song, video) and not be able to open them because the format is not supported by the player of your Android, try to install BSPlayer, which supports the almost all multimedia files, as well as the automatic search for subtitles and the support of different reading modes.


Want to send a photo to your children or vice versa? With Bump, the process becomes a lot easier. Place two smartphones one beside the other and the application does the rest. Also works with contacts and applications.

We hope that this list of simple applications has helped you. Do not hesitate to add it in the comments. We're coming back next week with games & entertainment apps. Have a nice week end !

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