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PowerDVD Remote

Despite some oversights, PowerDVD Remote is a pretty well designed and relatively nice application, if you use the Cyberlink media player. Too bad the application requires at least the Deluxe version to be used for free.

Cyberlink has just released version 11 of PowerDVD, its DVD / Blu-ray playback software, which is also diversifying since it even allows you to view photos in its latest version. Among the new features, there is an interaction with Android (and iOS) smartphones in the form of a free application, with an evocative name: PowerDVD Remote !

Free … or almost, since the free version will only launch if you have the Deluxe or Ultra edition of PowerDVD. For the Standard version, you will have to fall back on the paid version of the application, billed at 3.99 euros (all the same!). After this detail, what does PowerDVD Remote offer?

The operation is similar to that of an application such as Apple Remote for iOS: you pair your mobile device to your computer using a 4-digit code and you can then take control of the software. Two means are available: a virtual remote control offering all the buttons you will need (reading, next chapter, languages, subtitles, colored buttons …) and a virtual touchpad mode. This one lacks some precision but it can help out.

A third rather interesting feature is proposed: PowerDVD Remote can stream multimedia content present on your smartphone to PowerDVD. Unfortunately, you will have to select these from the Windows application, and not from a list that you would find directly on the device, as the Apple Remote offers.