Powerbeats Pro: they go to the pan at iFixit

Powerbeats Pro: they go to the pan at iFixit

iphone beatsIt was expected, and it is now done! As every release of a new Apple product, iFixit managers embark on a proper disassembly. The goal ? Learn about the components, but also give a note of the difficulty of repair.

This time, it was the Powerbeats Pro, wireless sports speakers that are presented as a more complete alternative to the AirPods.

ifixit powerbeats

Powerbeats Pro are defeated

We know the legendary willingness of Apple to make its products difficult to repair and repair, to push the consumer through an Apple Store or a repairer agr.

The rule does not change for the Powerbeats Pro which, despite everything, offer a tiny opportunity to dismount without affecting the operation of the latter, but which will affect all the same aesthetics of the latter.

Regarding the interior, there are similarities with the AirPods, but what really interested us was the resistance IPX4 water that the speakers offer. To achieve this feat, Apple simply put on a lot of glue, and adhsif.

If the audio controller seems to be the same as the AirPods, it should still note a better sound on the last ns. But how is this possible? Simply a difference in transducers and membranes.

The Powerbeats Pro have a beautiful note of 1/10 in repairability Source