Powerbeats Pro: they are available for sale for 249,95 euros

Powerbeats Pro: they are available for sale for 249,95 euros

iphone beatsSo it's official, the Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones are finally on sale on the French Apple Store, and this, at a price of 249.95 euros. If you order today, the delivery will be done between June 6th and 11th, which is quite fast!

date, we only find the black model on sale, the other colors (ivory, bottle green and navy) will arrive later on the shop.

powerbeats pro colors

Apple Launches Powerbeats Pro Preorders

We knew it was only a matter of time after an update of the French Beats website took place, stating that the sports wear would be on sale during the month of May.

On Wednesday, a tweet made its appearance, starring British athlete Anthony Joshua through a short video ending with "Powerbeats Pro in Black available for pre-order 31st May".

The official description:

The Powerbeats Pro Towers will revolutionize your workouts. Nothing can stop you with these fully wireless earphones that were designed for dlite sportsmen. Adjustable and secure ear contours are customizable with multiple tips. They offer more comfort and are designed to stay in place, whatever your pace. These lightweight fitters rely on performance with a reinforced design to withstand perspiration and water, making your train moves faster.

If you wish to place an order, it is on the Apple Online Store that has happened.