Powerbeats Pro: official release of "truly wireless" headphones

Powerbeats Pro: official release of "truly wireless" headphones

iphone beatsAfter having unveiled the design of the next genuine Wireless Powerbeats Pro headphones inadvertently, Apple reoccurs. The new product was reprinted in two Hollywood public standards before the official announcement.

Edit : a few minutes later, Beats officializes the 2019 earbuds.

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Powerbeats Pro for soon

Apple has set up a large vertical advertisement for the Los Angeles Powerbeats Pro wireless speakers, and not far behind another large black panel that nicely illustrates the speakers with the text Totally wireless – truly wireless – as Powerbeats Pro.

With these two advertisements, it may not be necessary to wait too long before seeing an official announcement of the new Powerbeats.

As a reminder, the new Powerbeats Pro will probably include the new H1 chip featured in the second generation AirPods and the Hey Siri feature.

powerbeats pro official 2019

Would you mind swapping the old against the new ones?

EDIT: confirmation by Apple!

Edit: As expected, Powerbeats Pro are official with the H1 chip and Bluetooth 5.0. Beats reports that Powerbeats Pro are 23% smaller and 17% lighter than the previous model. In addition, the economy climbs 9 hours and the battery is recharged from 1:30 in five minutes.

On the other hand, the price increases and passes $ 249 instead of 199. Prommommands will be launched May 3 and marketing May 10.