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Powerbeats Pro: Apple advertises it before they even announce it!

Little blunder or stroke of com? Apple was recently noticed in Los Angeles by a huge poster on the front of a building. On it, you can see the Powerbeats Pro, in a beautiful taupe color, with the slogan “Totally Wireless” (totally wireless, in French). The brand Beats, which belongs to Apple, will therefore offer brand new Bluetooth headphones, according to the rumors put forward by World is Small some time ago.

Powerbeats Pro Ad - Powerbeats Pro: Apple advertises them before they are announced!

The only problem? It is that Apple had not officially announced them. Maybe after all, this is no longer how the apple brand works: Apple had indeed released, by surprise, a whole bunch of devices the week before its keynote focused on its services. We had the right to a new 10.5-inch iPad Air, new iMac 4K and 5K, AirPods 2 … and without any prior announcement if not rumors.

If we knew that the Powerbeats Wireless were in production, since an animation specific to iOS 12.2 was dedicated to them, nothing indicated such a fast release. Especially since the advertisement, located in the middle of Los Angeles, does not go unnoticed. As a reminder, the current Powerbeats are sold 199.95 euros on the Apple site. It is certain that these new headphones will be significantly more expensive.