Port jack on smartphone: from oblivion to revolt

Port jack on smartphone: from oblivion to revolt

It was Apple who, for the first time on a very mainstream smartphone, decided to do away with the famous audio jack.

At this time, many users were shocked to see the disappearance of the connectivity they had known for years, and also worried about having to reinvest in wireless headsets and headphones. Even if a lightning / jack adapter was supplied with the smartphone, the switch was relatively badly perceived and suffered by users.

Smartphone jack survey

In recent years, all or almost all manufacturers have followed in the footsteps of Apple, ousting the connector of their devices … The reason mentioned is systematically the same: the connector takes up too much space within the smartphone, which implies lower capacity batteries.

And it is true that since smartphones are done with this connector, the capacity of batteries has significantly evolved without having to make them thicker.

Today, mentalities have changed according to the study conducted by the American virtual operator Ting. According to the study, the presence of a Jack port is an important factor in the purchase of a terminal only for 1% of respondents (based on 3640 people).

The most important criteria in the purchase of a terminal are therefore the price at 35%, the operating system at 30%. Then come the technical characteristics. We also note that the size of the battery would only matter for 4% of respondents while the design, against all odds, only accounts for 2% of respondents.