Pornhub: Visa and Mastercard threaten to block it because of child pornography videos

Pornhub is accused of hosting child pornography videos. A large New York Times investigation reveals the presence of content showing rapes of minors on the platform owned by Mindgeek. In response, Mastercard and Visa quickly threatened to suspend access to their credit card payment system.

pornhub accused child pornography videos

In an investigation published on December 4, 2020, the New York Times accuses Pornhub of hosting child pornography videos featuring rape. “The site monetizes child rape, revenge porn, spy videos of women taking a shower, racist and misogynistic content and images of women suffocating in plastic bags” affirms

To back up his claims, Pornhub also hosts videos showing young girls naked and filmed without their knowledge by a partner. Often, these videos are monetized by the abusers in order to generate income, notes the New York Times.

In addition, the site, visited each month by 3.5 billion Internet users worldwide and 42 billion per year, allows videos to be downloaded. Ultimately, the child pornography videos deleted at the request of the authorities may have already been downloaded by thousands of Internet users. These sequences may then end up on the market for child pornography or on another porn site. Despite the many illegal videos uploaded, Pornhub has always managed to avoid legal action.

Obviously, Pornhub is not the only site infested with child pornography videos, rape and abuse. The New York Times survey also pinpoints Xvideos, a porn site viewed by more than 3 billion Internet users every month. US media claim that Xvideos “Has even less scruples” than Pornhub.

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Mastercard and Visa threaten to cut ties with Pornhub

In response to the New York Times revelations, Mastercard and Visa credit card managers have threatened to cut ties with MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub but also of Youporn, the production company Brazzers and Redtube. Mastercard and Visa currently allow Internet users to subscribe to premium services on Pornhub via their credit card. In particular, it is possible to pay for high quality porn videos.

“We are actively investigating the allegations raised in The New York Times and working with MindGeek Bank to understand this situation, and other actions already taken by the company. If the charges are founded, we will take immediate action ” assures Mastercard to AFP. Same story with Visa. If the revelations of the investigation are confirmed, the three Mindgeek sites will no longer be authorized to collect money from Visa and Mastercard cards.

As a reminder, PayPal has already taken similar action against Pornhub. Since the end of 2019, videographers and actors of the platform can no longer receive payment via this method. In the event of Mastercard and Visa defection, Pornhub customers must turn to alternative payment methods, such as checks and direct deposit (USA and Canada only) and cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, the porn site has indeed offered to pay by paying cryptocurrency, including Verge, a version derived from Dodecoindark, and Tether (USDT).

A spokesperson for Mingeek quickly stepped up to the plate following the New York Times accusations. “Pornhub is resolutely committed to the fight against child sexual abuse and has instituted an industry-leading global trust and security policy to identify and remove illegal content from our community.”Says the spokesperson. Any claim that the company allows videos of children “Is irresponsible and manifestly false”. To fight against the spread of child pornography videos, Mindgeek relies on algorithms and a team of moderators. Despite Mindgeek’s promises, there are many online petitions calling for Pornhub to shut down.

Source: New York Times