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PornHub: Apple Keynotes Drastically Reduce Traffic


Posted: December 20 2018
Updated: December 20, 2018

by David

Porn is an activity that never sleeps on the Internet. On the other hand, certain events impact traffic on specialized sites, such as the release of a new episode of Game Of Thrones, the Superbowl or the keynotes ofApple. Indeed, the event of September 12, 2010 greatly reduced the number of visitors to PornHub.

According to statistics recently released by the famous adult site, traffic recorded on iOS devices fell by up to 11.5%, at key moments in the Apple back-to-school conference. This significant drop shows the strike force of the American firm, capable of impacting visits to pornographic sites.

pornhub keynote apple 2018 - PornHub: Apple Keynotes drastically reduce traffic

Statistics published minute by minute by PornHub allow us to follow the nature of the Apple brand products which aroused the most interest. Among iPhone owners, the presentation of the Apple Watch coincided with a drop in traffic of 10% on the platform, against 11.3% for the iPhone XS and up to 11.5% for the unveiling of the ‘iPhone XR.

Finally, PornHub also explains that during the final of The Voice or Britain’s Got Talents, site traffic fell by 4%. The first episode of season 11 of The Big Bang Theory will have resulted in a decrease of 5%. The Oscars are responsible for a fall of 6%.