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Popcorn Time0.2.10

Popcorn Time0.2.10

Popcorn Time0.2.10

If this application must be used with great caution, it is clear that Popcorn Time offers a wide choice of movies and TV series in an interface suitable for Android smartphones and tablets. The application offers the majority of its content in 1080p or even 4K with French subtitles for almost all of the content.

The editorial team urges you to be very careful when downloading and using such an application. Indeed, Popcorn Time offers a wide range of films, TV series and cartoons protected by copyright.

Depending on its use, it can therefore go against the laws in force in terms of intellectual property. People using this app take their own responsibility.

What does Popcorn Time offer?

Popcorn Time is free software that allows you to watch movies and TV series using the BitTorrent protocol associated with streaming. This allows you to watch a video without having to download and store it on your device. The application has a large catalog which offers films, TV series and animes, mostly in original version with French subtitles.Popcorn Time
Developed on PC from 2014 by a group of Argentinian developers, Popcorn Time has had a turbulent history between so-called official versions, derivatives from the community and clone versions. To see more clearly, we must distinguish three main branches in 2020:

  • – The so-called “official” branch presented in this Android test and available on
  • – The community branch presents a different interface and functions. This community-developed fork is available at
  • – Various clones and derivatives likely to contain malware.

If it is difficult to define the official successor, we take the decision to test the official branch under Android, as we did for the Popcorn Time version.

How to install it?

Popcorn Time is unavailable on Google Play Store, you will have to manually install the APK file on your device. To download the installation file, the easiest method is to go to the official branch of Popcorn Time to download the file suitable for your smartphone or tablet. If necessary, all the download links are available on the page dedicated to Android downloads for mobile devices and also for Android TV.

Focus on features

The interface of Popcorn Time offers a simple and fluid navigation between its different contents. To do this, simply access the menu on the left via the icon symbolizing three horizontal lines. It is thus possible to access films, TV series, animes and preferences. For each type of content, tabs allow you to classify the whole by cinematographic genres, according to trends, popular content, top ratings, latest releases or in alphabetical order.Popcorn Time
For each title, it is possible to choose the subtitle track and the video resolution. 720p and 1080p resolutions are the most common, some content is even available in 4K. While the function is available on PC, the Android version does not offer downloading movies and series in order to watch them later.

His catalog

The films, TV series and animes available on Popcorn Time come from several BitTorrent download platforms. If the choice is vast between the classics and the latest novelties, the hexagonal cinema is very little represented. Dubbing is not available in French, while subtitles are available for almost all of the content.

Note that the anime category was unavailable during our tests, certainly a version problem or an occasional bug.

Its grip

Popcorn Time for Android is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface and in French. Only the summaries of films and series are in English.

In terms of ergonomics, the playback interface is well thought out, because you just have to slide your finger vertically on the integrated video player to adjust the volume. Options during playback also allow you to change the language of the subtitles, their size and any offset.

Popcorn Time
Preferences provide the ability to set the default video player, change the appearance of subtitles, and configure hardware acceleration when playing videos.