Pokevision rel time cards suspended

Pokemon trainers have been having a hard time since the weekend. Updating Android and iOS mobile applications removed the radar which made it possible to have an idea of ​​the direction to take to capture the pokemon spotted nearby but it appears that other indirect tools are now offline.

This is particularly the case with Pokevision, a platform that maps the presence of Pokemon in real time, whether close or remote, thereby simplifying the search for rare critters. Since the update, the real-time map is no longer accessible.


The Pokevision development team indicated in a message on Twitter that they want to respect "the wishes of Niantic and Nintendo", without further details. Niantic manager John Hanke said he was not very supportive of this type of device, suggesting that it spoils the user experience by making it too easy to find missing pokemon .

The Pokevision site was also often presented as a means to "cheat" in Pokemon Go. However, it appears that this service was widely used and that its closure could be a blow to the immense success of the title by creating a certain frustration since the hunt for Pokemon is now almost pure coincidence.

It is therefore not impossible that the indications of proximity of the creatures, which seemed to weigh on the servers, end up coming back in the application, even that a service similar to Pokevision but integrated into the application, and perhaps paying , prepares.

The difficulty increased by these recent measures could erode the interest of the game with the greatest number after several weeks of summer madness which incites all the same to leave your home and to discover unusual sites nearby.