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PokéVision (.apk) 1.02

PokéVision is undoubtedly one of the most interesting tools for those looking to become a trained trainer. An essential, simple and above all reliable application. A must.

To play Pokémon Go, the phenomenon of the moment, it is essential to capture as many Pokémon as possible. To do this, you need the right tools.

PokéVision, simple and above all reliable

PokéVision is, for sure, one of them. This interactive map intelligently completes the game interface by displaying the Pokémon arranged around a specific location, which you select on the map. Obviously, you can zoom inside the map, to refine your search.

The application also gives you the time during which the little monsters are available. If Pokémon Go encourages walking, PokéVision can therefore transform bug hunting into a real race if you get caught up in the game!

You can perform a search every 30 seconds, which prevents the servers from giving up the ghost (even if they are already badly damaged) and should allow you to satisfy your hunter appetite.

How does the application retrieve these positions? Simply using the Niantic API. The source of information is therefore that of the publisher of Pokémon Go, which makes PokéVision particularly reliable, unlike other applications that rely more on community sharing.

A web interface too

You can also take advantage of this interactive map on your PC, since Pokevision is also available through a web interface. The latter has the advantage of allowing a filter on the name of Pokémon.

Now you are equipped to the best to perfect your Pokédeck!