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Pokémon Go0.29.2

A well-thought-out viral game featuring all aspects of augmented reality on a particularly popular franchise.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go is a new augmented reality game developed by Niantic, company from Google already at the origin ofIngress, and in which the player transforms into a trainer and is invited to capture virtual Pokémon, but in the real world.

Play Pokémon Go

Becoming a Pokémon trainer may seem simple at first: as soon as a Pokémon is near you, your smartphone vibrates to alert you of its presence.

You just have to take out your device to target the Pokémon and capture it by sending your Poké Ball with a finger gesture.

Your goal: to catch them all, as the credits of the cartoon dedicated to the title of Nintendo repeat at will. To do this, you will use the map displayed in the application, which will allow you to spot small creatures.

And after the capture?

Other elements are placed on the card in question. So you can start looking for objects such as Poké Balls or incense, in particular. An accessory that will be very useful for bringing Pokémon out of their hiding place, because these little beasts are sometimes malicious.

Arenas are also arranged on the map Pokemon Go, these allowing you to get into fights. An action which will of course only be possible once the community is sufficiently developed, as are the Pokémon exchanges.

You can, finally, customize the appearance of your character by changing the clothes and accessories of the trainer.


Note that we are making the application’s .apk file available to you, for those who do not wish to go through the Google Play Store:

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