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Pokémon GO tip: play in landscape mode on iPhone without jailbreak

Pokemon GO mode paysage iphone - Astuce Pokémon GO : jouer en mode paysage sur iPhone sans jailbreak

Pokemon GO mode paysage iphone - Astuce Pokémon GO : jouer en mode paysage sur iPhone sans jailbreak

The phenomenon Pokémon GO is such that many developers are working to add cheat functionality to it, for example by proposing modified versions of the game (read: Pokémon GO: cheat and teleport with a false GPS location). If you have not jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you are unfortunately limited and cannot take advantage of all the hack techniques available (read: Jailbreak: Poke ++ for Pokémon GO, everything to cheat thanks to GPS / Radar) .

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that don’t require you to unpack your iOS device to enjoy it. Regular users of Pokémon GO have discovered a bug allowing them to play the title of Niantic developed in partnership with Nintendo in landscape mode, rather than in portrait mode. Follow this short tutorial to get there.

Pokemon GO iphone landscape mode - Pokémon GO tip: play in iphone landscape mode without jailbreak

First of all, deactivate the portrait orientation lock from the control center of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if you have not already done so (button with an open padlock surrounded by a circular arrow). Then launch the Pokémon GO application, and put your iDevice horizontally (in landscape mode, therefore). Now press the Pokéball, then go to “Options”And“Report issues”.

A pop-up window should then appear on your screen (“Do you want to leave the game and report a problem?”). Press on “Yes”, And you will be redirected to a web page on Safari in landscape mode. Before it’s fully charged, press the Home button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to return to your Home screen.

Now open Pokémon GO (which was launched in the background) and the game will normally be in landscape mode! You just have to close the options menu with the “x”And capture your favorite creatures with optimal comfort! Note that if you quit the game completely (that you close it from multitasking), you will have to repeat the operation to play horizontally. If you know other tips for Pokémon GO (with or without jailbreak), please share them with us!