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Pokémon GO: Even Siri Has Fun Catching Pokémon

pokemon go pikachu pokeball 1024x582 - Pokémon GO : même Siri s

pokemon go pikachu pokeball 1024x582 - Pokémon GO : même Siri s

Pokémon GO is undoubtedly this year’s flagship application (or “game”), and continues to break records. In the space of a month, the game developed by Niantic Labs and Nintendo recorded more than 75 million downloads, and $ 200 million in net profits. If this meteoric rise has enough to make the rival studios jealous of jealousy, it is Apple that stands out today, by offering a small update that allows Siri to try it out too, capturing creators imaginary savages on Pokémon GO.

Pokemon go pikachu pokeball 1024x582 - Pokémon GO: even Siri has fun catching Pokémon

Apple’s personal virtual assistant has recently had a few new answers to give when asked about Pokémon GO. As you can imagine, Siri does not really play Pokémon, but still allows you to get a quick opinion on the game, and to know what he thinks in general. It is the extent of the Pokémon GO phenomenon which logically pushed Apple to implement within its virtual assistant some new answers, in connection with the game of Niantic Labs. So, by asking Siri about the game, he will answer you in a rather funny way.

SiriPokemonGO 620x274 - Pokémon GO: even Siri has fun catching Pokémon

For example, if you ask him what he thinks of Pokémon GO or even if he plays it, Siri will tell you that he can’t find a Chenipan, or that there is a Rattata behind you. Among the most unusual responses, here is our small selection:

  • For a reason that escapes me, the idea of ​​locking up virtual beings in a powerful machine gives me a funny effect.
  • Ah, that’s why everyone asks me what color is Racaillou?
  • Snore. Zzzz. Sorry, what was the question?
  • I like pocket monsters. Pocket assistants too, by the way.

It’s quite funny, since at first, Apple had somewhat restrained Pokémon GO, before, to let it take full possession of its processes in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, the Californian brand has not only provided ready-made answers to its virtual assistant, since the latter also judges the requests you send to it. For example, if you ask him questions different from those proposed in the list above, Siri will tend to open the Pokémon GO application directly, while if you treat him as Pokémon Yellow, the assistant will treat you as a racist.