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Pokémon Go (.APK) 0.153.2

A well-thought-out viral game featuring all aspects of augmented reality on a particularly popular franchise.


What is Pokémon Go?

Developped by Niantic, company from Google already at the origin ofIngress, Pokemon Go is a new augmented reality game in which the mobile user transforms into a trainer and is invited to capture virtual Pokémon directly in the real world.

How does Pokémon Go on Android work?

Once the player is connected with his Google account, he can go hunting. Whether the trainer is walking the streets on purpose or living his usual life, his smartphone will vibrate when a Pokémon is around and close enough.

From then on he will have to draw his device and aim for the Pokémon in order to throw a Pokéball at him; small red and white ball emblematic of the Japanese anime, allowing to catch a Pokémon.

The aim of the game is obviously to catch them all, as the credits of the cartoon derived from the first video game chant (Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all).

What else can we do in Pokémon Go?

In addition to Pokémon, geolocated on a simplified map, many points of interest litter the virtual world of Pokemon Go. It will thus be possible to recover objects and in particular new Pokéballs allowing to catch different Pokémons.

Arenas are also arranged on the map Pokemon Go, these making it possible to carry out confrontations. An action which will of course only be possible once the community is sufficiently developed, as are the Pokémon exchanges.

Finally, you can customize your appearance by changing the dresser’s clothes and accessories.

Particularly popular in the United States, Pokemon Go has successfully set up challenges that allow the trainer to evolve as he captures new Pokémon, for example by unlocking Superballs.


How to install Pokémon Go on Android?

  • In order to install the .APK file of Pokemon Go, download it directly from your smartphone or download it to your computer then transfer it to the storage of your internal or external smartphone.
  • Then authorize (or upstream) the installation of applications not coming from the Google Play Store application store: Settings> Security> Unknown sources (Allow installation of applications from unknown sources)
  • Note that the installation of .APK files does not always work from the app or the “Downloads” notification. You will therefore need to go through a file explorer (such as Explorer) in order to perform this installation.

Once this manipulation done? Launch the application Pokemon Go, log in and … catch them all.

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