Pokeland, the latest Pokémon app for iOS and Android

A new Pokemon game called PokeLand has been announced for mobile.

As reported by Serebii.net, the new title will be released for iOS and Android devices and serve as a sequel to the Pokemon Rumble series.

Pokeland, the latest Pokémon app for iOS and Android

Starting today and running through June 9, PokeLand will undergo alpha testing in Japan on Android devices.

It is called Pok√©Land, and is a continuation of Pok√©mon Rumble; in this sense, instead of capturing or training monsters, it will obviously be a question of beating them happily in a dynamic beat’em all. Players can currently find 134 Pok√©mon, navigate 52 levels, and climb 15 floors of the Tower of Champions. We also learn that Miis can be used, and that new levels are unlocked with diamonds.

PokeLand will require an internet connection to play, and has new islands to unlock, as well as a detector that can be used once every 30 minutes to help you locate Pokémon.

There is no word on the game’s launch or if it is doing well outside of Japan. IGN has contacted The Pokemon Company for more information on the title and when it may be available in other territories.