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POFAN P8: USB stick for iPhone / iPad & Android smartphones

It is not compulsory to have to go to China to increase the storage capacity of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (read: Transforming a 16 GB iPhone into 128 GB for 60 dollars, it’s possible!). There are USB sticks designed to be compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets (from iOS 8) and Android in addition to PCs. Cesire on the cake, they are sold at very affordable prices on the Internet.

POFAN P8 USB keys iphhone android - POFAN P8: USB key for iPhone / iPad & Android smartphones

This is for example the case of the POFAN P8. This USB 3.0 (OTG) key can be used as a classic storage key to connect to a computer on Mac or Windows, but it also has a second 2-in-1 connector. Depending on the direction in which you connect it, the latter is a 8-pin Lightning socket for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or a micro-USB socket for Android smartphones and tablets.

POFAN P8 app - POFAN P8: USB stick for iPhone / iPad & Android smartphones

For those who wonder about the speed of the POFAN P8, know that this USB 3.0 key offers a speed of 140Mb / s in reading and 40Mb / s in writing. Its dimensions are 5.4 x 2.3 x 0.7 cm for a weight of only 10.6 grams. You understood, it can be taken everywhere with you!

Made of metal, the POFAN P8 is available in black, navy blue, and gold. Regarding storage capacities, the key is available in version 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, at respective prices of around 17, 21 and 29 euros on Tinydeal. Take advantage, delivery is free!