PodCase: an iPhone case that also charges AirPods

PodCase: an iPhone case that also charges AirPods

airpods apple iphone ipadApple AirPods are a concentrate of technology that combine elegance and performance. But when it comes to not losing them, the task is immediately more complicated.

The founder of Pebble smart watches, Eric Migicovsky, was tired of losing sight of his headphones all the time and so he has just embarked on a new project with PodCase, a case for iPhone which also allows to charge and store his AirPods .

the iphone podcase case also charges your airpods

For the moment it is simply a project on Kickstarter, but given the CV of the manager, the mission could well be a success.

If the necessary funds are collected, the first copies should be marketed in February 2018, with a price of 80 dollars for this shell with an additional 2,500 mAh battery (40 recharges of AirPods).

If you are interested and have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, funding is open until October 7.