Play Super Mario 64 HD in your Internet browser

Play Super Mario 64 HD in your Internet browser

Famous platform game of Nintendo 64 re-released in a second time on Nintendo DS, Super Mario 64 remains a significant and innovative title at the time of its release. The title has previously returned to the forefront with a fan remake project currently underway.

Super Mario 64 Unity - 2In parallel, developer Roystan Ross recently made available his work which aimed to recreate the game with the Unity graphics engine. Also, the very first level of Nintendo's game has been finalized and is available to everyone.

Indeed, the designer made the software playable on our Internet browsers. To enjoy it, all you need is the Unity Web Player and go to this address to play.

In addition, Ross has made available versions of his work dedicated to Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux, available on its official website. Finally, it is said that the game supports the use of joysticks.

However, the developer has stated that he does not intend to go any further in the development of this project, leaving the latter in the state in which it is presented today.