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Play Store: size and popularity of apps coming soon in search results

Shift the March 27, 2020 0 h 09 min

Google will slightly improve the Play Store by integrating the size and popularity of applications in search results. These few modifications will make it possible to learn more effectively about an app before installing it.

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With almost three million apps on the counter, getting your hands on a particular app on the Play Store can quickly turn into a police investigation. Just search on any calculator or calendar utility to get hundreds of results, sometimes with very similar names.

In order to make user searches a little clearer and simpler, Google plans to display additional information in the search results: the size and popularity of applications. Previously, only the overall rating of the apps was available in the search results, and you had to click on each app to know its size and popularity and access the comments.

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A little clearer research

Users will now be able to see all this information at oncedil. Convenient when you want to take the time to explore all the possibilities before setting your sights on a specific application. Only, these additions are not yet visible to everyone. According to our colleagues from the Android Central site, Google could first reserve this functionality for developing countries, where mobile data is valuable and much more expensive.

If this additional information is welcome, remember that the number of downloads can mislead users. It is not because it is important that the application is necessarily of quality. Some developers are artificially inflating these numbers by massively uploading their own creation while others are going to make near-true copies of popular apps here too, to encourage users to download them.

Remain vigilant all the same and take the reflex to always take a look at the comments section. A wave of negative reviews will tell you a lot more about the quality of an app than its number of downloads.

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