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Play Store and App Store: Here are the most downloaded apps during containment

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What are people uploading to the Google Play Store and the App Store during containment? The Statista platform has just unveiled the 10 most downloaded applications in France on both platforms. Unsurprisingly, messaging and video conferencing applications on the coast, but also professional games and applications.

Containment: the most downloaded apps on the Play Store and the App Store

The confinementYou have changed the daily life of all French people and exploded the time spent in front of the notches. There are those who hang on to their smartphones to kill boredom and those who are forced to work and stay in constant contact with their colleagues. You are curious to know what are the most downloaded apps in France since the start of containment?

The Statista platform in partnership with Priori Data compiled data on the most popular apps in the Play Store and the App Store during the first week of confinement, more precisely between March 16 and 22. Unsurprisingly, the chat and video calling apps occupy the top spot.

Containment: top 10 of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS

Let's start with the Play store. On Android, it's WhatsApp which takes first place in the ranking with almost 382,000 downloads in one week. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it is logically one of the top choices for those who want to stay in touch with family and friends. In second position, we find Discord, another messaging application that offers an option that WhatsApp does not have: videoconferencing, which is a very popular feature at the moment.

Games are also popular: (3rd), Ultimate Disc (5th), Spiral Roll (7th) or even Parkour Race (8e) each total more than 100,000 downloads. Finally, the French do not forget to inquire at this time. The application Info alerts comes in 4th position in the ranking with 163,000 downloads. In the professional category, the application Microsoft OneNote which allows you to take notes and synchronize them on all your devices is 6th with 138,000 downloads.

On theApp store, the trend is much the same. The top of the ranking is occupied by Discord, Houseparty and Zoom Cloud Meeting, all video conferencing applications that allow you to make multiple video calls. This is also the case for Plato which also has the advantage of bringing users together around fun games such as table football, werewolf, billiards or mini-golf. Here are the top 10 from the Play Store and the App Store on the images below.

Most downloaded apps Play Store Most downloaded applications App Store

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