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Play mods of GTA III on iOS, it's possible

Play mods of GTA III on iOS, it's possible

The Verge site has indeed revealed, after testing, that the mods of the PC version of GTA III also run on the iOS version. Some manipulations are necessary to be able to play it, but once the operation accomplished, it adds the lifespan of the software tens of hours of play …

The Verge had the great idea to check if the mods for GTA III on PC were also running on iOS. To their surprise: yes! As a reminder, a mod is a small add-on to the game developed by the community and which allows you to discover new adventures, a new universe or new rules of play…

To succeed in this little tour de force, you must however use iExplorer to integrate the mod files with the game files, apparently identical on PC and iOS. Everything is done completely legally and without jailbreak since it is just a question of adding files to a source file. Note that it is also possible to modify different variables to modify the game yourself … But it is better to make a copy of the original files to avoid making a mistake.

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Source: The Verge