Play Doom on the Intel Edison dmontr miniature computer

Play Doom on the Intel Edison dmontr miniature computer

Doom Intel Edison

A hacker managed to launch the Doom game using the Intel Edison miniature chip, which is usually used for connected objects. A video presents the rendering with the sound as well as the controls using a PS4 controller.

A few days ago, we took over the project to run the Quake game on a Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope. Another hacker managed to run the Doom game using SoC (System on Chip) Intel Edison.

Doom Intel Edison "height =" 130 "width =" 249The latter, the size of an SD card, was presented for the first time as part of CES 2014 and was developed to be used in connection with connected objects.

Lutz Latta has published a video which presents the use of this chip to play Doom. Since the Intel Edison is equipped with a CPU clocked at 500 MHz and 1 GB of RAM, there were no performance constraints for this installation.

The interest is mainly focused in the use of a screen, the transmission of audio streams, as well as in the management of a controller (a DualShock 4 for the occasion). If you wish to reproduce this installation, Latta has published a full tutorial available at this address.