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play 30 mobile games offered by Gameloft

To celebrate its 20 years, Gameloft publishes a free application that compiles 30 of its most famous titles on mobile. A retrospective which is only available on Android and which is deprived of games under Ubisoft license.

Before the first smartphones on iOS or Android, we already played on our mobile phones, and not just Snake or a black and white breakout on Nokia 3210. The smartphones of the 2000s certainly had very limited hardware resources with 1 MB of RAM and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels for the high-end, but sufficient to achieve 2D titles comparable to those of the first home consoles, like the Nintendo NES.

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A buoyant market that has not escaped the Guillemot brothers, founders ofUbisoft, who launch Gameloft in 1999. Thanks to its know-how and popular licenses such as Rayman, Prince of Persia, Brothers in Arms or even Splinter Cell, Gameloft was soon imposed as a leader in the sector.

Image 1: Free Android games: play 30 mobile games offered by GameloftCrdit: Gameloft

Today, unless you have a vintage mobile in working order, it has become almost impossible to play all of these titles. Especially since it is necessary not only to find the JAR archive of the game, but also the one that matches your mobile.

Gameloft now offers the possibility of enjoying it for free on Android smartphones. The studio has just released Gamelfot Classics 20 years on the Google Play Store. The application includes thirty retro mobile games strictly identical to the original titles, except for the commands that have been replaced by a touch pad.

Gameloft offers 30 retro mobile games, but forfeits Ubisoft licenses

We welcome Gameloft's initiative and we even recommend Nintendo to take inspiration from it on the Switch rather than imposing a subscription to enjoy NES and SNES games. The titles proposed by Gameloft Classics are not all unforgettable, but some are worth the detour, if only for their pixel art graphics quality. Others such as Gangstar or Modern Combat also testify to the first steps of franchises which continue to renew themselves on Android and iOS.

In addition, we regret that the application is not available on iPhone, probably for technical reasons. The original games both developed in JAVA Micro-edition (J2ME), their porting requires a consequent work on iOS, while Android uses a version of the JAVA language very close to J2ME. But most of all, it’sabsence of Ubisoft licenses which is missing this compilation. Gameloft no longer has any relationship with Ubisoft and will probably not have obtained the rights to revoke its licenses. Too bad, they are among the most successful mobile titles of the 2000s.

Image 2: Free Android games: play 30 mobile games offered by GameloftGameloft Classics – Crdit: Galaxie Mdia / Gameloft

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