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Plants vs. Zombies 2

Due to the space taken up by in-app purchases, Plants vs Zombies 2 can be more limited than its predecessor. It remains an excellent strategy game that renews the license.

Pop Cap’s multivitamin tower defense is back in a second opus that takes us on a journey through time. Although he retains the game mechanics that made his elder success, Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s about time offers enough new features to allow the license to renew.

Bringing plants and zombies together is in itself a quirky concept. The scenario of this second episode drives the point home, by inviting you to accompany Dave the dingo and his motorhome speaking through time, in their quest for a lost taco. Thus, you will cross ancient Egypt, the pirate seas and the Wild West (other worlds will be the subject of an update). From a catalog of plants that is enriched as the game progresses, you will have to establish lines of defense to face ever-increasing and varied hordes. Each era presents space constraints and specific enemies, thus developing welcome new game mechanics.

It is regrettable that certain plants formerly available for free are now the subject of integrated purchases. This probably explains the increased difficulty of the game. Finally, you will need to redo certain levels to complete each table. A feeling of deja-vu erased thanks to the additional challenges that will then be imposed on you. Like zombies, you will have enough to rack your brains for many hours.