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Planned obsolescence: Apple sued for its chargers

Planned obsolescence is a scourge. In the 1960s, the purchase of a washing machine, for example, guaranteed its use for decades. Today, any device purchased no longer works after 4, 5, 6 years maximum. The accusations of certain consumers towards certain brands are therefore, for the most part, completely justified.

So last year, Samsung and Apple have been the subject of a complaint in Italy for planned obsolescence. Complaint which resulted in a conviction: a fine of 10 million euros for dishonest commercial practice. The apple brand had decided to slow down its old iPhone models, supposedly to preserve their performance compared to the new updates fromiOS.

iphone charge - Planned obsolescence: Apple sued for its chargers

The firm of Cupertino is still today at the heart of a planned obsolescence affair. The target component? The iPhone charger. According to Ubergizmo, the Apple is attacked again in justice. The official documents of the trial attest to this: in facts dating from November 2016, “thousands” of iPhone users began to have problems with their charger. The phones simply didn’t recognize it anymore, which would have pushed consumers to buy a new charger.

For the moment, Apple has not communicated regarding this new legal action. However, it may well be that justice still decides to manhandle the Californian brand …